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“The things taught in Schools and Colleges are not an Education, but the means to an Education”


The fame of an Institution utterly depends on the forum called Alumni. Alumni are the concrete architects of the Institution. Alumni Association is only the genuine live network which lives forever.


To enrich the dynamism of the Association, SriGuru Institute of Technology feels exceedingly ecstatic to launch the “SriGuru Alumni Association”.


SriGuru Alumni Association seeks to reach, connect and celebrate alumni and friends of the Institution to build lifelong relationships, and to support the Institute’s Vision and Mission. This Association is your lifelong link to the Institute and your key to unlocking the power of the SriGuru Network. This is your perfect opportunity to reunite with friends of your SriGuru days, revisit your favourite places in the campus, share memories and see how the campus has developed and grown.


It’s here! the Students discovered that SriGuru is more than just a learning Institution.


It’s the place! that helped the students to prepare to be a “World Changer”.


It’s here! those reminiscences are fashioned, dreams are realized, and momentous ultimate and undying decisions are  accomplished.


The students play an integral role in the SriGuru community and we encourage them to stay connected. We invite SriGuru Students to explore this site to see how Alumni Relations may be of service to them and also how Alumni play a vital role for the upgrowth of the Institution.


“Connect back to the place you once called Home.”


It’s Your Home!

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