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Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Arduino Robo Club

The ARDUINO ROBO club of SGIT is a student-run club on campus with an active participation of more than 30 students. Our club was initiated in the year 2015 under the guidance of Mr.K.Saravanan (Department of Electronics and communication Engineering).           Ms. Rohini.S.Swaminathan, renowned NASA Scientist, inaugurated the Club.

To stimulate interest in robotics among the students. Besides making a serious endeavour to spread knowledge on Robotics and its diverse applications, it also stands by the subtle acronym of TEAM – ‘Together Everyone Achieves More’. It is an exemplary virtue that has bound the club and helped it to grow to its present potential. The club today is an active platform for students to display and develop their practical machine building skills and knowledge. This Club will Stretch its wings and go for experimenting new paths where no one has ever travelled.


Faculty In-charge:

Ms. R.Tharani, M.E.,

Ms.M.Surya, M.E.,

AP/Electronics and Communication Engineering