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Department of Mechanical Engineering


The Department of Mechanical Engineering, SriGuru Institute of Technology, Coimbatore inaugurated “ROCKETRY CLUB” on 24th March 2015. Ms.ROHINI.S.SWAMINATHAN, FORMER YOUNG SCIENTIST NASA inaugurated the club.

  • Aim of  the  rocketry  club  is  to  educate  people  about rocket  science  and  to  launch   rockets  inside  the campus.
  • This club  is  initiated  to  bring  creative  thinking  and innovative   ideas   among   students   of   sriguru  institute  of technology.
  • In this  club   hands-on  training  is  provided  about  rocket  making  in  prototype  and lecture on GIS and RS for environmental management.
  • This club provides knowledge about basics of rocketry design and fabrication.
  • Requirements for making the rocket model are explained clearly.
  • Basic knowledge about usage of solid propellants and liquid propellants are provided.
  • The club involves active participation of students from all departments.

Faculty In-charge:

Mr.K.P.Shankar, M.E.,

AP/Mechanical Engineering.