Counselling Code
E- Journals
E- Journals
S.No Publisher Subject Are Web Sites
1 IEEE Computer Engineering + Computer Science + Electrical and Electronics Engineering + Telecommunications and related disciplines
2 Springer Electrical and Electronics and Computer Science Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
3 Wiley Black Well Civil Engineering
4 J-GATE J-GATE Engineering and Technology
5 ELSEVIER Engineering + Computer Science + Electrical + Electronics + Mechanical + Civil And Structural + Industrial + Manufacturing + Ocean Engineering + Computational Mechanics and Safety Risk, Reliability and Quality+ Computer Network and Communications + Artificial Intelligence + Computer Science + Information Systems+ Control System Engineering and Software
6 ASTM Digital Library online Version Online Dictionary of Engineering Science and Technology, Electrical and Electronics Engineering Mechanical Engineering, Civil, Metallurgical , Instrumentation
7 DELNET Civil, Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
E – Books
1 McGraw Hill General Engineering and Reference
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